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University of Reading CRU Overview

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University of Reading CRU trials

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LegacyCrop-Forage Plots

LegacyCrop has been set up as a potential long term experiment looking at the effect different forage mixtures have when put into an arable rotation.



Set up in 2010, this is one of our longer running field trials, looking at the effect of different rotations on biodiversity, ecosystem services and soil health.  The three different rotations include Simple, Medium and Diverse rotations.


Intercrop 2020

Intercrop 2020 is another Winter and Spring experiment, this time looking at different species mixtures.  The winter sown half is focused on assessing the performance of different cereals intercropped with a single legume (faba bean) while the spring sown half is focussed on different legumes with a single cereal (wheat).


Intercrop Legacy

Following on from a Triticale: Bean intercrop last year (harvest 2019) this experiment is looking at the legacy effect the intercropped treaments have had on a following wheat crop.


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